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Modern House Plans

Do you plan on building your dream home this spring or summer? We’ve got you covered. This modern house plans will help you visualize your home design with lots of great 3D that showcase cool features, open layouts, and smart amenities.

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Below you will find modern house plans with  3D that boast spacious outdoor living areas like covered front porches, stylish screened  porches,  rear patios, and more. Looking for a smaller footprint? You’re in luck! We’ve got plenty of modern small  house plans with  3D.  Let the window  shopping  begin!

Small and affordable

This house is very small and affordable with double garage on ground floor and open bed room on first floor.

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Big but affordable also

This plan not drawn for the rich people, but for those who is willing to live in a stylish and luxury house like you. It’s contain the open lounge with dining and kitchen. Main bed room is open enough.

Smart house for you

You can have it also

This plan is very small containing only 2 bed room.

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We’re having the best architects who is always dreaming to help you find the best house for you. Choose us to be your home designer you won’t regret.

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Become a better you

In life everything you think about, you can have it, just imagine if you have what you have in your mind, you need to act, try to become what you think about yourself. everyone deserve better home, cleared architects is here for you. This house is only one bed room with an open lounge and kitchen.


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